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From time to time Sermon Notes are  posted here.

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Sermon Notes
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Easter Sunday

27 Mar 2016

Rev Ian Diamond

Canberra City First Sunday in Lent

14 Feb 2016

Rev Elizabeth Raine

When we are prepared to enter into the suffering of others and our world then things can begin to change

14 Sep 2014

Rev Ivan Roberts

To ‘take up our cross’ will mean allowing the Spirit of Christ shape our lives and response to this world

31 Aug 2014

Rev Ivan Roberts

We find a focus and meaning for our lives when we respond with the creedal statement: “You are the Christ.”

24 Aug 2014

Rev Ivan Roberts

The Spirit of Christ calls us to be open to new truth, new understandings, beyond the borders we construct around ourselves

17 Aug 2014

Rev Ivan Roberts

Discovering the spirit of Christ within so that we might be there for others

25 May 2014

Rev Ivan Roberts

We all need space to discern meaning and purpose for our lives

1 Dec 2013

Rev Ivan Roberts

We are to live and work with vision for the coming of God’s kingdom on earth

17 Nov 2013

Rev Ivan Roberts

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is an irresistible agent for healing and breaking down the walls that divide

3 Nov 2013

Rev Ivan Roberts

Our own future is inextricably bound to others and our world

29 Sept 2013

Rev Ivan Roberts

Life begins to have meaning when we are intentional and focused

8 Sept 2013

Rev Ivan Roberts

Welcoming Christ in our neighbor

1 Sept 2013

Rev Ivan Roberts